Appearance, mind, emotions.


Man, you look terrible. What’s with your hair? And those clothes, that’s your father’s blazer? Dirty and dusty shoes? Zip up you fly.” shouts your friend from far away. I’m sure nobody experienced this but let’s say for a minute that you did. You are going on a business meeting. How would you feel?

Now a different situation. You have the best car you want, great clothes, you look awesome and you are heading to the most important meeting in the world. Itsy-bitsy problem. You feel really awful.

Both situations can cause inconveniences to us and people around us. We want to look too good in front of others. Guys pretend to be Mr. Perfect, girls hide their perfection behind make-up, fake eye lashes and gel nails. There is a very thin line between the fake and the real.

How do others see me? How do I see myself? Is my bag cool? Is my tie in? Clothes, hair, teeth, nails, body posture, smile, smell, spark in our eyes. That’s what appearance, mind and emotions are about. We ask ourselves and feel:

Appearance: What do you first notice on others? Everybody is different. Somebody notices nails, lips, teeth, eyes or smile. What about clothes? Is it important or you can wear whatever? Clothes that I wear and I feel comfortable in? People around me are smiling at me, they feel good when I wear this or that? Suit, jeans with hoodie or shorts with comfy shirt? Plus, everyday purification of our bodies, teeth, nails (toe nails as well).

People around you (friends, family) are going to notice you, only when they see changes on you.

Mind: I’m not a supporter of analyzes or anything like that. I’m sure it’s good. I think the best way how to get to know yourself is by doing work, activity (I don’t mean your job). My formula for getting to know myself is: [going out + work hard] / ruining most of the things = I’ll look what I did right and repeat that.

My strengths? When I’m good at attack and I can score goals, I won’t go to football goal. “All roads are right but not all of them work for me as well – Gary Vaynerchuk”. Who to listen and who not? Education, body language, self-confidence, energy, convictions, many little things are in the game. It’s not just what we do but how we do it. A big part of mindset is emotional intelligence.

The most important is to work hard on ourselves and at the same time on our business.

Emotions: Imagine, that every morning you will repeat your achievements and add a lot of positive emotions. You will notice a change after some time. Dedicate some time to your emotions. Don’t take it personally, nobody wants to hurt you. Taking control over your emotions is one of the hardest tasks in our lives. No, not heartlessness but adequate reactions to different situations. Listening to your heart, stomach or inner voice is connected with emotions. Insulting or jealousy doesn’t belong to our lives. We are unnecessarily putting down ourselves.

We can read Vaynerchuk or Branson they both are forcing us to be big and to work on ourselves or on our dreams.

Questions, unfinished thoughts, a lot of space around us. Take a minute or two and think about what works for us and do it, create.