Too much motivation, burnout syndrome, people around us, personal failures, human needs – all this is influencing us. Later we catch ourselves thinking: “it’s not going as before”, “my team is not so efficient”, “there is a mistake and that’s why it’s not working”. We don’t always get the answer that we are looking for. We more often get negative feelings. That’s one of the reasons why we quit our jobs, leave our life partners or ourselves.

It’s good to know our weaknesses. Also our strengths what is pushing us forward and it’s good to know what we want as well. If we don’t know it is natural to seek what we want. Talking about reasons why we are stuck at one place or talking about that we are not doing ten but two things at the same time. That’s holding us back. None of those motivational ramblings even though they are important sometimes.

Let’s talk about what we are good in, what is the situation we created, let’s look at it realistically not worse than it is.

If I see a sexy girl behind the bar I will invite her for a coffee and at that time I think only about my strengths. If she saw some doubts in me she could refuse my offer.

Stop talking about things you are bad in doing, why it’s now working, why we need to know the reasons why things are the way they are. The mystery lies in the fact that for each of us is working something else. That’s what we dedicate our time to. Let’s do what we like and enjoy.

“Don’t look for reason why it’s not working but look for the reason that makes us happy