I find myself tracking my posts, photos, articles, counting how many people liked it, who liked it and how many people saw me. It’s a great feeling when I reach 20, 50 or 100 likes. I flatter myself how awesome I am. I want as many people to like me as possible. That’s the point of it or?

Man, the more I use social media the more I realize how wrong I was. We write books, give lectures, motivate, show how to lose weight, sell clothes, we live out of that. The goal is to create a beneficial product or service for society. Nowadays using social media to propagate our creations is very popular. Customers have easier access from any place. They are able to order service or product. This vision is very appealing to many of us who want to reach people.

I like when I can present my creations thanks to social media. I like the option of tracking my steps, my thought, ideas, work or advancements even more. Documentation – here I was, this is how I was thinking, this is what I was doing. Inspiration, that is my reason why I do it.  I inspire myself. Write few meaningful sentences, attach a photo and document my journey every day. I will look back at it in one or two years. I went through this as well. Likes from fans are a bonus or support. When somebody says or write “Michael I started with this thanks to you”. That is a big reward for me.

Read books, attend courses, lectures, admire work of others can be very important part of self-education. Don’t forget that’s one part. The other part is in implementation, production, doing, painting, coding call it however. Start today because maybe we inspire exactly the one who has the courage to change the world.

It’s like with motivational quotes, we write and expand them only on crowded crossroad, don’t forget them.