Go after dreams

We meet different people who live their stories. Many of them are inspirational or educational. We take some of them to our hearts and we forget about the rest after some time. We have our idols we admire the work of others. Somehow we forget, we are scared, we make excuses, we don’t feel like creating our own things. Going after our dreams is the most common business. Creating work places, connecting, hiring better people form ourselves, having something ours. Being just an employee today is a big risk.

There are many important things in life if we speak about life specifically. Everything begins with a dream and finding out what we like to do. That is where we should be heading. We should listen to ourselves, our stomach, heart, intuition, inner voice however we call it just don’t go against yourself. Have a break from temporary pleasure, vacations, super car, cozy home maybe even from that sexy girlfriend that is dragging you to trips and that is stealing your attention from the thing you are going for. Reconcile with the fact that you are alone often. Late night home arrivals. Ask your family or girlfriend for some time and explain what you are going to do. Ask for their support and some space. The reason why we do it why we create. Show them your results from time to time. To have a person with whom we can openly talk about the journey – our mentor, friend, uncle. Person who will show us opportunities, keeps a protective hand upon us whether in good or bad days. To know to who and what to listen to. A belief in something and especially in ourselves. To go on beer with friends. To be able to say no. Not everybody can be our client or a member of our team. We have to say frankly what we can and can’t do. To risk, to smile and have the courage to go after what is yours.

The best thing about it is that we are thinking about it and that is why we will succeed.