My five reasonMy five reasons why I’m doing what I’m doing, for what I live. They are my motivation, my energy, the reason why I get out of the bed when it rains. I dedicate this article to myself so I can get back to it in five, ten or fifteen years and acknowledge that these five reasons have brought me where I’m heading now.

I organize my time: I like to work but I also like to have some time for myself. Organizing my time is very important to me. Work, social events, education, unexpected trips with friends or time for myself, it’s not good to have too much of a good thing that’s why I organize. It’s the most precious thing I have. I appreciate my time.

I get to know people: I’m looking for the thing that connects us – my favorite thought. Getting to know people and finding out what connects us is my every day ritual. People come, stay but also leave. Today I know that most of the time I influence who I meet and who I allow to leave. I really like those who stayed even if they didn’t have to.

I get to know myself: do people change or not? Was I different from who I am now? Step by step I’m finding out what I’m capable of, what I’m able to handle, my strengths, what I dare to overcome and in what situations I’m reliable. Before I watched TV bedtime stories today I don’t watch TV at all. So in my opinion I do change. Of course I’m learning to listen to my inner voice.

I’m building a community around myself: you buy something mine I buy something yours – this is what I follow. I surround myself with people who push me forward. I do the same for others. We are all going the same direction just in our own cars but sometimes we go for a ride together. For me this means that I know who to call when something goes wrong.

My dreams: my biggest childhood dream is to have a Ferrari, a combine harvester and a big house. These are the symbols of my journey. The Ferrari represents my fast red car, the harvester represents my strong and big company and the house represents my holy territory. Ferrari shoots from the exhaust, harvester is big and dusty and house needs a lot of cleaning and that is why I dream about this till today.

Everybody has their own five reasons that’s why we do what we do. All reasons are right because they are ours. Only time will show if they led us where we were headed when we came up with those reasons.