Hi, can we meet on Wednesday or Thursday? Before or after lunch? Arranging a meeting is one of the most important skills in our lives. Meeting face to face, work or private meeting all that is important. Nowadays we have various improved forms of meetings. Personal meetings in future will be one of the most important things to success. Shaking hands, the other person aroma and also embarrassing moments like spilled tea or broken glass all that is part of personal meetings.

Let’s imagine that we are on a meeting and we are speaking to one or two people at the same time. Meanwhile modern world is offering us options how to address more people without being actually there.

Today is necessary to be online. Represent ourselves, our services, products or hobbies. Most of us own a mobile phone, a tablet or a notebook. Attendance of the internet via mobile phone is increasing every day. Communication, searching, contributing, killing time, there are many options.

Many people are experts in their professions. We have different experience and valuable information. We usually exchange these information with our colleagues. Most of the time pointlessly. Meanwhile there are people out there who are looking for exactly our knowledge. Social media are the ideal way how to regularly add something yours to the online world. Thanks to the social media we can comfortably address our acquaintance, strange or random people. Social media is making communication easier, it helps us address our potential customers. If we set it right it can work for us. Let’s not make excuses that we don’t know how to use them. We couldn’t drive a car that’s why we went to driving school.

Contributing can teach us many little things. We put our thoughts together, we learn regularity, we figure out what to contribute. Don’t forget to connect social media with your web site:

Regular documentation of our work and hobbies is creating our own online story. Maybe exactly your story will inspire someone who will change the world.